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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  February 12, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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. this is the 10:00 news. >> the tiger was likely provoked. that's the conclusion of a new federal report in to the fatal tiger attack at the san francisco zoomi. ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. a tiger expert weighed in and points to taunting as the main idea behind the mauling three years ago. >> reporter: the report backs
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up the feelings that many zoo supporters had at the time of the incident that the tiger was provoked but the victims attorney said that information remains nonsense. christmas day 2007, a tiger escaped from her cage at the zoo and killed a 17-year-old and then attacked and injured his friends. three years later documents obtained by the associate press quote an investigator as saying the tie bertha was likely provoked. >> it vindicates the zoo . >> reporter: the zoo spokesman said it wasn't the cage but the actions of the three visitors he claims led to the escape. there. were claw marks deep in to the cement that the investigators could see and that was a sign of howen raged they made this poor animal. >> a tiger is an animal. who knows why they do what they
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do. >> reporter: michael is the attorney for the young man killed by the tiger. he called the claims of taunting speculation. >> why didn't they face the fact that investigator that the wall wasn't the proper height at the time? >> reporter: the zoo faced a small fine the exhibit has since been are designed with higher walls. >> it's amazing to me that a lot of people were very quick to blame the teens that were there instead of facing up and saying you know what that tiger shouldn't have gotten out. >> reporter: the zoo settled out of court with the family for a undisclosed amount. ken pritchett. >> a body pulled today from a patterson canal matches a man
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suspected in kidnapping a 4- year-old on january 18th. rodriguez was the ex-boyfriend of the mother. the second body was found today by a water authority employee. a witness saw the two drive into the canal less than an hour after the kidnapping. 9 body of the little boy was found february 1st. today the mother had a message for rodriguez's family. >> i wanted to let his mom know that i feel her pain because i know what it's like to loose a son. >> a positive identification of the body is still pending. an autopsy is scheduled for tuesday. >> the man wanted for questioning after a deadly police shooting in vallejo is now in jail. we first reported the search for reginald jackson last night. officers say they located him at a home in north vallejo. according to the jail he is facing an aassault charge, authorities say he was a
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passenger in the car whose driver led officers on a chase. police shot the driver after they say he points a gun at them. his identity hasn't been released. >> at annie gyp an johan key shop a day after the former egyptian president left an elderly man said egypt is like a newborn baby that needs protecting but the question remains who will do that. >> reporter: celebrations continue across egypt. >> trying to seek a full -- to develop and it'll be better. >> reporter: massive protests finally ended the president's near 30 year rule. he reportedly left hours before his resigning was announced. a coalition of opposition leaders are calling for the main protest to end and there
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is signs that people are slowly leaving the square. the muslim brotherhood said it would not participate in any transitional government. >> we don't have any ruling desires. we won't put forward a candidate. >> reporter: the military is promising to hand overpower to an an, elected civilian government. they want the current government to continue operating until a new one is formed. they also say egypt will abide by its treaty with israel. the prime minister said it's a corner stone to peace and stability. president obama said it'll provide any support to egypt as they transition. >> egyptian americans here in the bay area reacted with joy to the end of the era but there
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is also worry about their future. john got reaction at a rally in san francisc >> reporter: across from city hall egyptians continued celebrating. >> i have a friend of mine pinch me that i -- that it happened, did he really leave, did we succeed to get him out after 30 years. >> reporter: indeed they did. the crowd with amnesty international are looking to the future. >> the day as head must bring a new focus toward achieving human rights protections for all. >> reporter: it wasn't all celebration . the group also honored the 300 people killed in egypt's demonstrations. >> reporter: but it was mostly joy. >> this is a considerablely smaller crowd than in past demonstrations but maybe they
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are all overwhelmed by what happened. last saturday there were several thousand demonstrators, today about 100. >> we saw that we are trying -- we are trying to do some change. we have -- everybody celebrated yesterday. we just like -- we are just celebrating. >> reporter: the celebration isn't just about changing leaders. demonstrators say it's about transforming a society. >> corruption in education, in economy, and that's gone. now we start a new era. >> reporter: a new era of hope. in satisfy. >> we have more on the situation in egypt on the website. click on the egypt tab for special section. >> the topping of the government triggered protests in algeria and yemen as demonstrators called for change
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in their own government. thousands defied an official ban and called for the ouster of the ruler. the officers tried to break up the crowds. public demonstrations have been banned there since 1992 when a state of emergency was first put in place. and in yemen anti government protesters took to the street there is to celebrate the resigning of egypt's president and to call for the resigning of their president. troops beat some of the protesters. the president has been in power for three decades. they are considered important in the war on terrorism as it faces an international and internal threat from al-qaeda. >> a man is in jail tonight accused of killing his girlfriend. the police lieutenant said he confessed to killing the 26- year-old. officers initially arrested him
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last night for a parole violation. the lieutenant said they are still working to establish a motive. a cause of death hasn't been released. they were called to the house friday afternoon where they found the body in a bedroom. >> san francisco police are investigating a homicide after a man was found dead last night inside his apartment. police were called to the apartment near bush and jones streets to do a welfare collect and found the body of the 65- year-old man. they say there were signs of trauma. they have declined to release more details including the man's identity. the search continues tonight for a southern california man after his wife's suspicious death. thursday an employee found the body of the 47-year-old colleen waterman at a room in a hotel. the couple's suv was later spotted abandoned in san mateo but there was in sign of the
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451-year-old billy waterman. . >> march general manager facing a fragile future. she is still in charge but a majority of the board of directors tried to get rid of her. during thursday's closed door meeting a majority of them voted to request her to resign. however the board later took that back because it may have violated california's open meeting law because it wasn't on the agenda. oakland city and school leaders held a town hall meeting to help plot the course of the public schools. several dozen people showed up to learn about the district's five-year strategic plan. parents and students were encouraged to share their thoughts and vision for oakland schools. officials say the goal is to make schools more like community centers. >> we really want the schools to become more than nine to three school buildings but places where the community comes and participates both in
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helping the schools and for other activities. >> today's event is the second in a series of conferences dedicated to that strategic plan. the model calls for every school to offer more than just education including a range of social and human services. >> pg&e revealed it's close to completing work on its top 100 improvement projects. the company sent a letter to state regulators yesterday saying it has completed work on 69% of its pipeline segments identitied as needing improvement. the utility also said that construction designs are already underway on another 20% of those projects. the puc asked for an update on projects from 2007 to 2009. >> a valentine's day dinner for women we who romances were tragically cut short. the changes face of the war widow. >> who is the early choice for
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the republican nomination for president? 2012? the results of a conservative pole. >> thousands of dollars spent every year removing grafitti in
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. a marine is giving special meaning to so the motto of always faithful. the if en-year-old was given a
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ten day leave from his deployment to see his dying mother one last time. his mom is at a hospice with breast cancer. she has been given two to five- days to live. >> i said i'm here and she was -- she started crying. she has always been there. when i seen her and felt likely needed to be her strength new. >> he said every second felt like a minute and every minute felt like an hour. is he on his first tour. salary information for nearly 6,000 san jose employees is now available online in a move to make local government more transparent. the salary in the database are from last year and give residents a chance to see how taxpayer dollars are spent. san jose has about 5900 full time employees and 19 city departments. to look at the numbers go to
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our website and click on the link. >> the man dubbed the godfather of the tea party came out on top at the political action conference in washington. more than 10,000 attended the three day conference which many see others the opening bell for the republican presidential nominating contest. for the second year in a row texas congressman ron paul was the winner of the straw pole. he said the united states spend spends to much money outside the country and pointed to the president of egypt as the example. >> how much do we invest in that dictator? $70billion we invested in egypt. and guess what? the -- the government is falling apart and the people are angry with the government and with us for propping him up for all those years. >> in the poll he got 30% of the vote followed by mitt
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romney with 23%, gary johnson and chris christie each got 6%. newt gringrich won 5%. minnesota representative machine bookman and mitch daniels each had 4%. sarah palin got 3% and mike huckabee got 2%. >> the president will present his 3.5 trillon budget on wednesday saying will force government to live with in its means. >> it freezes yearly domestic spending for the next five- years even on programs i care deeply about which will reduce the defend fit by more than $400 billion over the next decade. >> the president said he is also proposing a freeze on federal government employee salaries. at the same tie he will push
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for programs designed to build up key areas including internet broad band and clean energy. a new company means higher garage bills for some and dirty streets. turns out the new pick up days now coincide with street sweeping. that means operators have to now drive the street sweep ear round the trash bins preventing them from cleaning the streets properly. redwood city officials say they are working on the problem with the new company and hope to have a solution by this summer. if a time of falling budgets one san francisco city program is still going strong. 's show you how a community clean up project more than a decade old relies on residents to help clean house. >> reporter: this man is plastering spray paint onto a public building in broad daylight. he said its grafitti and art. >> in the public that
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everybody see it and you know not be in a museum. >> reporter: he goes by his artist name and is painting one of three murals this weekend as part of a city project. the city's street smarts program pays him for his work, local businesses donate the supplies. >> i'm eyeing to make it look like a dragon kind of busting in and out of the wall. >> reporter: he has roots in this area. >> my grandfather owned a restaurant down the street. my other grandparent own a building to. >> reporter: its part of an effort to make the area beautiful and to clean them up. it's a program through san francisco's department of public works. >> we bring them to every single one of our districts every month. >> reporter: this weekend's clean up in china town coincide was chinese new year. more than 500 lent a hand.
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>> they point out the priorities, the most traveled on every day. >> reporter: the people who live nearby help determine which spots need the overhall, some sprucing up or a new look all together. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> a group of war widows touring san francisco. it may bring up images of older women today's are young like so many of the troops killed in iraq and afghanistan. deborah is live. >> reporter: they had dinner here off union square, some strangers until this weekend but part of a tight sister hood. it's hard to laugh, hard to smile when you know that you your 20 something year old husband can't do it. >> reporter: the youngest is 20, the oldest 41.
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women sharing favorite valentine's day story. >> i always knew you were going to be my wife. >> reporter: when talk of their husbands killed in war brings tears that's okay too. >> this will always be the most important moment in their life that changed everything. >> reporter: a widow at 21 she started the american widow project needing a wait out of her own misery. >> i wanted to just be surrounded by other widows and create an environment. >> reporter: and she made a documentary to share so others wouldn't feel isolated. after the funeral as life resumes widows may feel numb and lost. these outings pull them together to relax and renew. >> the feeling normal, i feel like an out cast everywhere else. >> it was important to find other people that knewy still wanted to wear my wedding ring. >> reporter: roadside bombs
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killed all three of their husbands years apart. the lives they expected to have now gone. with new friends a way to find a different future. >> we are -- we were married two and a half years, not the marriage i hoped for. i really do want to hold that close to my heart and i feel likely will forever be married to him. >> reporter: san francisco was good to them with fine dining and cab excursions, tomorrow sight seeing and monday back to their homes better for having come. reporting live. >> like other parts of the economy napa growers had a down year in 2010. the state's grape crop reports shows revenues dropped by $33 million to 449 million. that's about 8% from 2009. last year a harvest weighed more than 138,000-tons which is
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a drop of 3%. the crop accounted for 40% which is the most of the various varieties . inside a business and rushed to the hospital the next. the search for the two people who started a scene ofa chaos. >> a car on fire after a crash. how the driver came away with minor injuries and who he can thank. >> our warm weather pattern will soon end when -- the temperatures cool off
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. oakland police are searching boar two suspects after a high speed chase ended in a crash that injured two people. it happened at about 3:30 this afternoon at mcarthur and richie street. the car slammed to another car,
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a gray buick. that car hit a business injuring someone inside. that person and the driver of the buick were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the two suspects fled the scene. a berkeley police officer is recovering from injuries after a crash. police say the officer was driving northbound on sacramento street near fairview at about 2:00 a.m. when a car pulled in front of her patrol car. the officer and the two occupants in the other vehicle why taken to the hospital. there is no word if the driver will be cited. >> in news of the world in afghanistan the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly and complex attack on the police head quarter. we will show you one explosion caught on tape. first you see the windows break and then you hear the blast. the death toll stands at 19 with the majority of those killed police officers. the attackers used several car
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bombs and rocket propelled grenades. one of them hit a school wounding nine students. in nigeria11 people died in a stampede the stampede started when policeman fired in to the air to try to disperse crowds at the gates of the large stadium. the rally was for the president. an investigation is underway. an aid to the president said it was a saddened to what had been a great day. and in mexico at least six people died when armed men opened fire on a crowded nightclub. investigators say one of the attackers threw a grenade to the entrance of the bar. at least 34,000 have died in the drug war since the president started cracking down on the cartels five-years ago. >> more than two dozen people are recovering tonight afterra taxi plowed in to a crowded sidewalk in san diego. witnesses reported a scene of chaos outside the nightclub
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where that taxi struck 25 people. it happened at about two this morning. police say one woman's leg was cut off. bouncers had to rescue the driver when the crowd then attacked him. the taxi was traveling at about 15 miles an hour. police say it appears to have been an accident. a florida man has a brave and quick thinking sheriff's deputy to thank for savoring him. early this morning the 63-year- old crashed into a power pole on the side of a road. his car then caught on fire. that didn't stop the deputy from putting himself in harm's way. despite the power line dangling above that car the deputy used his baton to break windows until he was close enough to reach the driver and pull him to safety. >> once i busted open the run roof i got a lot of smoke. i started inhaling it. fortunately i was able to pull him out and get away from there. >> the driver ended up with
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only minor injuries, he refused a trip to the hospital. the deputy wasn't hurt and was back on the job in less than 24 hours. >> oscar grant's uncle hits the streets. the message he tried to give today to the community's younger members. >> and just how does valentine's day
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. it made headlines in the bay areaa and across the country the killing of oscar grant. now his uncle is hitting the streets trying to pull young people into a different direction. mike reports. >> reporter: this is east oakland. >> everything is basically
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dealing sensation, dealing -- >> reporter: it's one of the most violent districts in the area. >> where we show them how to get the records cleaned . >> reporter: he is the uncle to the late oscar grant and today he looked to connect with the youth. >> to empower themselves to move on in life. >> reporter: the grant foundation kicked off what's called a day of emporerment. inside the youth development center he organized services teens may tend not to seek out like job training programs and signing up for college tours. >> we have to get to the heart and soul of the issue with in the community by going through this process. there is a beginning of a elm powerment with in themselves that opportunity opportunities will @includeztitle to open up. >> prison will make me or break me and it broke me. >> reporter: javier came to
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help. he said he spent time in prison and once out the foundation gave him direction. >> now i can live my life as an adult and be successful in line and be like -- knowing when my kids grow up i can say hey, that's not the life you want to live. >> two things, role models and direction. >> reporter: they are the key to success for the youth and on this saturday direction is what they received. in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> across the country and state girl scout cookie season is getting underway. in san francisco today girl scouts were looking through tens of thousands of cookie boxes to send to troops. last year they sold 3.6 million boxes of cookies. andrea was the top seller in northern california selling more than 3600 boxes of
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cookies. >> i take my form everywhere, i -- aunts, uncles, friends, my coaches, everybody and then we set up booths outside on the street. >> reporter: they say they are more than just good, they help girls do great things such as take part in girl scout camp and community service projects. ? a sign of the time there is is now a free app that lets you find the closest place to order cookies. senate holiday of love means extra work for local fedex employees. this was the scene, boxes and boxes of chocolate covered berries being prepared for delivery. officials say in addition to chocolate flowers as always are very popular this year. valentine's is the second busiest day of the year for the shipping company. >> this is the second busiest during the year. then mother's day is after that but christmas is the bus busiest obviously. >> they expect to ship 60 to
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70,000 packages locally through monday. >> despite splurging on the holiday itself appears americans are still in a gift giving mood. higher levels of spending this year for value valentine's day. the average person will spend $116 on valentine's day. that is up by 11% from last year. total spending will reach almost a $16 billion nationwide. valentine's day weddings at some clerk's offices should be more hectic than usual. marriage equality usa is urging same sex couples could are marriage licenses. rallies planned in san francisco, san jose and marte once they are denied. clerks prohibited from issuing them while federal courts decide on legality of proposition eight.
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>> elizabethtayloyy remains in the hospital. a spokeswoman for her said she didn't know how long taylor would have to stay at the hospital. this week an interview published said she offered this advice, follow your passion, follow your heart and the things you need will come. it appears lindsey lohan won't be giving her opinion on the x factor. a spokeswoman said show producer haven't talked to her despite online speculation she was asked to join others a judge. she was arraigned this week an a charge she stole a 2,500- dollar necklace from a jeweler. the x factor which was created by former american idol judge simon cowell is set to premiere in the fall. >> today was a great day for whale watchers. a pod of orcas was seen
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swimming in the gulf this afternoon about ten miles outside the golden gate. as we first said early their week a pod was seen swimming about ten miles farther out on wednesday. a captain said he is almost certain the ones he saw today were the same ones on wednesday. must have recognized one of them. he said they were seen a few days ago near monterey. he thinks they are headed back north where they are usually found. >> a raider running back -- has run into trouble off the field. the reason for his arrest. >> and here we
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. another beautiful day across the bay area. very been say that quite a bit but changes for tomorrow in the rabe rain clouds will make a come back. right now on the maps, we have rain showers way up to the north around crescent city, up toward southern oregon but for the most part across the bay area we have clear skies but cold numbers. you can see the 40s in the north bay. santa rosa 43 degrees, on track to reach lower 30s overnight. the projected low, first thing tomorrow morning. around the 30-degree mark. san francisco 44, san jose in the upper 30s, 39 degrees. weather story is this, mostly clear skies, it's cold out there tomorrow. clouds and sun with the partly cloudy skies, that will about the overall theme and we will start the cooling trend tomorrow. next week rain returns and temperatures continue to drop off. into the sunday we will have more of the on shore breeze and we will trim down the
12:10 am
temperatures probably about three to six degrees from today's highs. tomorrow is the last dry day. scattered clouds out there, likely said partly cloudy, here we go if the changes, first in a series of storms approaching the bay area. more clouds, temperatures dipping down into the lower 50s by midweek and rain will be making a come back. in fact here say look at the significant clay for monday, showers developing, mostly on the light side, not a big deal. tuesday rain, mainly especially for the afternoon and evening. temperatures will continue to cool off for wednesday and thursday, showers, pretty low snow levels, here is the cloud forecast model. we could have patchy fog, especially coast side as we put this into motion in the afternoon we will increase some of the midand upper level clouds and they will continue to be on the increase by this time tomorrow night. here is a forecast for tomorrow. 7:00, mid-30s to mid40s, patchy coastal fog. partly cloudy skies, 53 to 58 and by 3:00 sun cloud mix.
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no more 70s, warmest locations in the upper 60s. santa rosa 64 degrees, san francisco right around 60 and san jose topping out mid60s, 65 and here is the look ahead. multiple rain clouds showing up. a big drop off in the temperatures, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, only approaching lower 30s and actually that's not that cold but the lower 30s but showers likely into monday. more cold showers beyond that. dig up the ski jackets, want to bundle up. >> welcome back winter. >> all right. a running back with ties to the raiders spent the morning in jail in indiana. officers arrested michael busch in jeffersonville on a drunk driving charge. the 26-year-old spent last year with the raiders but is due to be a free agent this year.
12:12 am
he was reportedly release from jail this afternoon. he set career highs in yards, carries and touchdowns. >> next a run down in college basketball. . and a fun day at pebble beach with lots of laughs as their were birdies, also woods pu
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. good evening. welcome to this saturday night edition of sport wrap. the chamber of commerce weather continued at pebble beach president the folks who come to see will get a chance to see the stars for one day longer than usual. >> it's official.
12:15 am
we are in the hunt. >> you silly rabbit in the hunt. may not be a strong enough description when it comes to murray. check out his t shot. the result a tap in birdie. he mange makes the cut. oscar from the fringe on that same 5th hole. this one a little further than the putt but it goes for birdie. he won't be playing tomorrow though. matt is picking up where he left off in october. birdie at 13. he and his partner just five back. another amateur who will play tomorrow is george lopez. he also at 13, chipping in for birdie. that's worth a little celebrating as he and his partner play on tomorrow. ray romano, on the 17 he told a fan to pay him $50 if he could
12:16 am
stick his t shot. that may be the best shot of his career. he paid off to the kid and his friend. he tied at the cut line but lost out in a tie breaker. as for the guy who play for a living, mickelson getting a birdie, he shot a 69, he is five back headed to tomorrow's final round. points, his propartner tied for the lead. ran into trouble on the tall grass. doesn't get out with one swing. he is two off the lead. senate. the leader is steve morino. he was shooting a 71, that putt for eagle on the 6th hole. he has a one stroke lead over jimmy walker and bryce molder. then points two shots backes. stanford tour rookie zach miller five shots back, dustin johnson just made the cut.
12:17 am
ten strokes off. tiger woods has chosen his 3 million-dollar appearance fee over the at&t and he is in contention. is he in a long teeth eagle putt. windy conditions, he will curl in a 30-foot birdie putt. chance tonight for usf for a win that was even bigger than the one over gonzaga last month. the dons all loan in second place in the wcc before oc 23rd ranks saint mar y's. the gales turned on in the second half. drive to the hoop for two of his 14. they built a 20 point lead. mickey always in the hunt. jams down two of his 18. the dons come down a notch.
12:18 am
86-68 saint mary's. they improve to 22-4 overall. one of this year's elite teams in the pack 10 was after revenge today. washington was upset earlier in the season, seattle a tough venue. staying close early when owens made an early move. jammed down two of his 12 points. any thought its stanford pulling off a second straight win dashed by thomas. thomas got hot right before half time and hit 12 of his 22 points. they all came on four straight three-pointers. by the time they headed to the locker room they had a 17 point lead. never able to make much of the serious run in the second half. ozzie misses but error didn't on the follow. huskies win their 14th at home.
12:19 am
after the 87-76 loss. cal at pullman and came up four points short. bears also fall to six and seven in the conference. the warriors currie among those who would witness a come back today. the broncos hosting san diego, falling behind by 20. to easy for devon. he had 23 for them. keating felt it was time to have word was their players. they responded. the broncos had their first lead of the game with 3:47 to play. still a lot of basketball. broncos trail by one. draining another three. he had 12 points in all. a 1996 effort against market, 86-76 the final. they don't have much to sue show for it. san jose state at home hosting nevada looking to be in good shape most of the day. oliver the 4th leading scorer
12:20 am
in the country, three of his 30 points, spartans built a 15 point lead against nevada but saw the wolfpack to come back. the overtime was all wolfpack. he forces the turnover here and then gets two of his 29 points plus the foul, 23 of those came after half time. the nevada out scores the spartans in the ot. 84-76 the final in that one. just one undefeated team left in college basketball. ohio state which had to face wisconsin in madison. in the second half the badgers were up by five as taylor hits two of his points. this time with less than 30 seconds left he dumps the ball off to mike who hits the three of his own. kids celebrate the first time since 1962 that wisconsin has knocked off the number one
12:21 am
team, the buckeyes on that occasion as well. ohio state new 24-1. the women lost a heart breaker to washington state. 68-6, the cardinal 13-0 in conference, 22-2 overall after beating washington. still to come, tight finish in one of the biggest horse racing events of the year in the bay area and the new nascar season is officially underway on
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. the new nascar season gets started next sunday which means a week of preliminary
12:25 am
preliminaries. the races will be different. this event for 24 select drivers among them jimmy john. the race broke then to two segments. regan smith will get into the number 99 car of edwards, he then runs in to dale earnhardt june you're. they were finished along with montoya. the new surface made for racing at speeds over 200 miles an hour. the drivers figured outrunning in pairs was the best way to go. that worked out some of the time but not always. mark martin pushing kyle busch after they got out of whack both spun out. it came down to a four car race. newman in front being pursued by hamblen len. he goes below the yellow safety line. hamblen crossed first but was disqualified. that gives busch the win.
12:26 am
mcmurry second and newman third. this is just an exbig. tight racing of another kind. the prep race for the kentucky derby hopefuls. comet to the top one two to favorite after his 6th straight win but you have to figure he is on a good horse. bay is on the outside. watch the two of them make their move as they jostle. they take by a length and a quarter. bay's winneest all time jockey adds to his total. and unusual day of semi- final action in san jose for the s, p tennis tournament. in one match unseeded -- advances into the finals when another play her to withdraw
12:27 am
with a wrist injury. he played an exbig match and lost. that doesn't matter. he will be in the semi-finals just the same. itthe far court, he is a good bet in this tournament. he won the match, he is 9-0 in san jose. try to make it two straight sap championships. we will turn to soccer for the shot of the day. manchester city and manchester united. they were tied at one in the 78th minute when the center makes a next book kick. that was the difference. that's it for this saturday night edition of sport wrap. see you again tomorrow at five. >> pretty incredible shot. >> it was. >> that's our report for tonight. be sure to join us on morning
12:28 am
at 7 a.m.a. they will have more on the first race of san francisco since a
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